Modern Medicinals Podcast is about all things health and wellness and making it fit our modern lives. Your hosts, Allissa Keane and Dr K, love taking the wisdom of thier respective medical lineages (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine) and breaking it down into a modern and functional context. Their down to earth approach will help give you tools to understand the broad world of health from different perspectives and help you apply it at home.

*please note, will both hosts are clinical health practitioners, they are not your personal practitioners and the information in this podcast is intended as information only, and is 100% not health advice.


Allissa Keane, R.Ac


Dr. Katelyn Mudry, ND, MSc

Dr. K Mudry

Dr. K is a Naturopathic Doctor who loves every aspect of her job. One of the seven rules of naturopathic medicine is “Doctor as Teacher” and she embraces that fully with this podcast. She believes that educating people on how and why they body works bring them closer to the healing process. She is lover of herbal medicine and vegan gluten free cooking. She runs a clinical practice in Cranbrook and Kimberley, BC and sees patients online as well (must be a BC resident). For more on Dr. K go to drkmudry.com or follow her on instagram and facebook.